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2012 Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Qualifying Products List—Maytag® Commercial Laundry

CEE is a consortium of efficiency program administrators from across the U.S. and Canada who work together on common approaches to advancing efficiency. To qualify for the CEE product lists, models must meet the efficiency specifications developed by CEE. These specifications are available on the CEE Web site For commercial washers to meet the criteria, these washers must save up to 50 percent of energy costs and use about 30 percent less water. The following lists the Maytag® Commercial Laundry qualifying products as of June 2011.

CEE Tier 1 Modified Energy Factor (MEF) ≥ 2.00 Water Factor (WF) ≤ 6.00

Brand Model Number MEF WF
Maytag® Commercial MAH21PD 2.19 5
Maytag® Commercial MAH21PR 2.19 5
Maytag® Commercial MAH21PS 2.19 5
Maytag® Commercial MFS25PDFTS 2.45 5.7

CEE Tier 2 Modified Energy Factor (MEF) ≥ 2.20 Water Factor (WF) ≤ 4.5

Brand Model Number MEF WF
Maytag® Commercial MAH22PDAXW** 2.35 4.4
Maytag® Commercial MAH22PDBWW*+ 2.25 4.3
Maytag® Commercial MAH22PDBXW*+ 2.25 4.3
Maytag® Commercial MAH22PRAWW** 2.35 4.4
Maytag® Commercial MAH22PRBWW*+ 2.25 4.3

CEE Tier 3 Modified Energy Factor (MEF) ≥ 2.40 Water Factor (WF) ≤ 4.0

Brand Model Number MEF WF
Maytag® Commercial MHN30PDAW*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MNH30PRAW*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MHN30PRAX*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MHP30PRAW*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MHN30PDBW*+ 2.49 3.7
Maytag® Commercial MHN30PDBX*+ 2.49 3.7
Maytag® Commercial MHN30PRBW*+ 2.49 3.7
Maytag® Commercial MHP30PRBW*+ 2.49 3.7
Maytag® Commercial MLE20PDAY*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MLE20PDAZ*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MLE20PRAY*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MLE20PRAZ*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MLG20PDAW*+ 2.48 3.9
Maytag® Commercial MLG20PRAW*+ 2.48 3.9

Symbols: An asterisk (*), plus sign (+), or pound sign (#) indicate that one or more coding variables may be used in place of the asterisk to indicate a color or feature that does not affect washer efficiency.

MEF=Modified Energy Factor, a combination of Energy Factor and Remaining Moisture Content. MEF measures energy consumption of the total laundry cycle (washing and drying). It indicates how many cubic feet of laundry can be washed and dried with one kWh of electricity; the higher the number, the greater the efficiency.

WF=Water Factor (number of gallons needed for each cubic foot of laundry). A lower number indicates lower consumption and more efficient use of water.

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