Why won't my dryer start running?

For starters, make sure the dryer door is closed and latched. (If it isn't, a safety switch prevents the dryer from tumbling.) If you open the door during a cycle, reselect the cycle to restart the dryer. Then make sure the dryer's power cord is plugged in to a live (or working) electrical outlet. It's a good idea to check the appropriate circuit breaker and reset it if needed or check the fuse if you have a fuse box. If neither of these tips get your dryer up and running, please contact your authorized Maytag Commercial Distributor for more assistance.

Important note:

Be sure to follow specific, published user-repair instructions, such as these, when you are attempting to service or repair any part of your washer. If the instructions don't make sense to you or you aren't sure how to perform them, please contact your authorized Maytag Commercial Distributor.


Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or attempt any service unless specifically recommended in published user - repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.