My clothes have an unusual odor when I take them out of the dryer. Why?

As air is pulled in from the bottom of the dryer, odors can be pulled in on the clothes. Likewise, if the area around the dryer is freshly painted, those odors can be pulled into the dryer and absorbed by the load inside. If you don't find the culprit in the area around the dryer, check to make sure the tumbler and ducting are clean. And if none of these tips solves the problem, please contact your authorized Maytag Commercial Distributor for more information or assistance.

Important note:

Be sure to follow specific, published user-repair instructions, such as these, when you are attempting to service or repair any part of your washer. If the instructions don't make sense to you or you aren't sure how to perform them, please contact your authorized Maytag Commercial Distributor.


Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or attempt any service unless specifically recommended in published user - repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.