My Maytag washer won't fill up with water-what should I do?

Why is my washer leaking water?

Help - my washer's tub is completely full of suds!

My washer filled with water, but it won't spin or drain-what do I do now?


My washer will not run a program (cycle)-why?

My washer shows "FILL" on the display and sounds alarm-why?

Why does my washer go in and out of spin speed erratically?

Why does my washer beep intermittently during cycles?

Some of the keys on the keypad do not function properly-what do I do?

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Why does my washer take too long to finish a cycle?

My basket does not turn when the cycle is running-why?

My washer shows "DOOR" on the display-why?

My washer shows "DRAIN FAILURE" on the display-why?

The display shows "CLOSE DOOR, PRESS START" at the beginning of the cycle-why?

Top Mount

Why won't my washer start agitating?

Why won't my washer spin or drain?

Why is my washer leaking on the floor?

My washer is filling with the wrong temperature water-why?

Why won't my washer fill up with water?

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