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Commercial Front-Load Washer, Coin Equipped

Model #: MHN33PDCXW
  • DuraCore Drive Systemmore
  • Advanced Spin Technologymore
  • ENERGY STAR® Certifiedmore
  • 7/5-Year Limited Parts Warrantymore
Product Description

Deliver dependability with a 3.1 cu. ft. capacity front-load washer powered by our DuraCore Drive System that's designed and tested to run 15,000 cycles.* Advanced Spin Technology helps provide consistent cycle times, while the TurboWash™ system delivers optimal cleaning. With this ENERGY STAR® Certified model, you don't have to sacrifice on performance. Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology help you manage it all by offering individual cycle pricing options and letting end users easily choose their preferred wash experience with one-touch cycle selection. In addition, the display clearly conveys prices, selections, and time remaining. Because we know just how reliable it is, it’s backed with a 7/5-year Limited Parts Warranty.**

DuraCore Drive System
Our DuraCore Drive System is designed and tested to run 15,000 cycles,* delivering a proven reliability on one of the most difficult and expensive components to service. A watertight, flexible triple-lip seal with a garter spring helps keep moisture away from the shaft, protecting premium bearings, while our durable shaft sleeve is designed to reduce shaft wear. Along with a die-cast trunnion, these rugged features can result in more turns over the life of the washer, and more options to boost a facility’s bottom line. *Based on 11-lb load, 34 min. timed cycle, Heavy Soil.
Advanced Spin Technology
Advanced Spin Technology delivers more consistent cycle times* and offers automatic load balancing through a six-point suspension, featuring four dampers and two springs, to provide optimal stability for the entire wash unit. *Compared to previous model, MHN30, based on 17-lb load.
ENERGY STAR® Certified
This washer uses an average of only 10.71 gallons of water percycle, providing optimal cleaning without sacrificing performance.
7/5-Year Limited Parts Warranty
The reliable washer is backed with a 7/5-Year Limited Parts Warranty.**See maytagcommerciallaundry.com for warranty details.
TurboWash™ System
Water is lifted from tub base through baffle holes, then showered through the load during agitation pattern.
PowerWash® Cycle
The PowerWash® Cycle provides extra cleaning power with more agitation time, hotter water, and extra rinses.
Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology
Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology offer flexibility and individual cycle pricing options for optimal earnings, while end users can easily choose their preferred wash experience with one-touch cycle selection. In addition, the display clearly conveys prices, selections, and time remaining. Built-in diagnostics help streamline service calls.
Front-Access Panel
The front-access panel minimizes downtime by providing fast entry to the motor, transmission, and wash tub for streamlined self-service.
Robust Hinge
This 180°, heavy-duty die-cast door hinge is built to withstand the rigors of commercial laundry, while maintaining its integrity and aesthetics.
Redesigned Bellow
The redesigned bellow helps keep small items from getting caught or snagged, ensuring all items get an equal clean.
As part of our Advanced Spin Technology, an accelerometer takes an accurate reading of cabinet vibration and allows the washer to expand on final spin speed limits, optimizing extraction.
Progressive Spin Logic
As part of our Advanced Spin Technology, progressive spin logic creates consistent cycle performance by determining spin speeds ideal for each cycle and load type. And the pump routine helps reduce unbalanced loads in the final spin.
Durable Dispenser
The durable soap dispenser offers the end user convenient space to load detergent, and its sturdiness adds to the machine's overall durability.
Large Capacity
The 3.1 cu. ft. capacity wash basket is designed to allow for single-loads of all sizes while still providing exceptional cleaning.
Coin Equipped
A robust coin drop and coin box come installed from the factory. Coin drop allows flexibility in pricing your machines for your market.
Model "MHN33PDCXW" UPC: 883049391243