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Commercial Top-Load Washer, Non-Coin

Model #: MAT20MNAGW
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  • Heavy-Duty Cabinetmore
  • Service Made Easymore
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Product Description

The machine’s deep-water wash and rinse cycles deliver exceptional clothes roll over and vigorous cleaning action that result in optimal wash performance. The 2.9-cu.-ft. washer's mechanical controls provide a simple user interface with robust, easy-to-use knobs. All of the components are protected by a heavy-duty cabinet, with an easily-removable front panel that helps streamline service calls. And because Maytag knows what dependability means to your owners, we back this reliable machine with a five-year limited warranty—all parts covered.

Deep-Water Wash System
The wash system is optimized with deep-water wash and rinse cycles and vigorous cleaning action. The traditional, flex-vane agitator uses four unique patterns — from aggressive to gentle — to deliver traditional top-load wash performance through exceptional rollover for large loads. Additionally, items can be added to the load at any time during wash, fill, and rinse portions of cycle — simply by lifting the lid.
Heavy-Duty Cabinet
The heavy-duty cabinet has the strength and craftsmanship needed for high demand commercial environments. The sturdy removable front, side panels and easy-access base are constructed with high-grade powder-coated galvanized steel. In addition, the full-wrap metal console is sleek and easy to clean.
Service Made Easy
Engineered to help minimize downtime and streamline maintenance with simple bottom and front-panel accessibility to the transmission and other interior parts. Should downtime occur, servicing the top-load washer is easy. With just two screws, the console can be easily removed, allowing access to the control panel, while an opening in the base provides fast access to the transmission, pump and motor. And, built-in, easy-to-use diagnostics help servicers identify the problem and get the machine back to peak performance quickly.
Powerful Drive System
The Drive System features an enhanced design that delivers reliability and consistency, wash after wash. A powerful ½-HP PSC motor and quad-gear transmission create an efficient wash for every load—no matter the size. Paired with a watertight, flexible, triple-lip seal to keep moisture safely away from the shaft and protecting the premium bearings, its industry-tested design continues to deliver the results you expect.
Traditional Flex-Vane Agitator
Powered by the ½-HP PSC motor and fin design, the traditional flex-vane agitator alternates between four distinct wash patterns—from aggressive to gentle—generating outstanding clothes movement and extensive deep-cleaning action to tackle a variety of loads.
1/2-HP PSC Motor
The powerful ½-HP PSC motor helps the top-load washer tackle heavy loads with ease. By alternating between long and short strokes, it generates extensive deep-cleaning action that gives clothes a thorough wash. Engineered for reliability, it’s designed to deliver consistent performance time after time.
Stainless-Steel Wash Shaft
The 100% 416-grade stainless-steel wash shaft helps protect against bleach vapor and environmental corrosion, helping maintain your investment and providing exceptional performance for the life of the machine.
Heavy-Duty Removable Front Panel
Strength matters in a commercial cabinet, but so does accessibility. Built from extra-strength galvanized steel, the heavy-duty front panel is robust and easy to remove for streamlined maintenance and minimized downtime. Mounting clips and a support bracket make removal and replacement fast, providing technicians easy access to internal components.
Easy-Access Steel Base
A strong machine means a durable machine, and that starts from the ground up. Manufactured from thick-gauge galvanized steel, the heavy-duty base provides a sturdy structure to help anchor the machine solidly to the ground.
It’s designed with an opening that provides easy access to the motor, drive system, and pump, making service trips quick and efficient.
Triple-Lip Seal with Garter Spring
Keeping water where it belongs—in the washtub—is important. The triple-lip seal with garter spring is flexible and watertight, designed to provide a more effective seal, protecting the shaft and bearings from moisture and water vapor.
5 -Year Limited Warranty
See product warranty for details.
Maytag Connect 360º™ Compatible
Delivers real-time machine diagnostics to any tablet, computer or smartphone via our proprietary cloud-based system. Management and feedback features offer owners the ultimate in machine control from anywhere they have access to the Internet.
Model "MAT20MNAGW" UPC: 883049400426